We want to thank the following church partners for their monthly financial support:

Cornerstone Church   

Circle of Life partner 2006-present  

Victory Life Church   

Circle of Life partner 2007-present

El Valle de Cristo

Calvary Chapel of Las Vegas

How can we help?

The following are practical ways that your church can partner with us in this battle:

  • Include the center in your home missions budget.  Making a monthly or quarterly donation can help us meet our monthly budget needs and allows us to continue our work.
  • Appoint someone to act as a liaison with the center.  They would share the needs and progress of the center with your congregation.
  • Share your church mailing list with the Center so your congregation will be informed about the ministry.
  • Invite Zoe to make periodic presentations to your Youth or Women’s groups
  • Encourage your congregation to participate in Zoe events and/or volunteer at the Center.  Without the faithful support of churches and Christians who attend them, we lack the funds for our programs, but without committed volunteer personnel, even funded programs can’t be staffed.
  • Preach on the Christian’s response to abortion
  • Participate in Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (3rd Sunday of January) if not a Circle of Life donor (monthly pledge) collect a special offering during the service.
  • Pray for Zoe from the pulpit and encourage your members to pray.

Please call 505 454-4357 for an appointment or e-mail us now.  We would love to hear from you and truly build a partnership to fight against abortion and teen pregnancy in Las Vegas and our surrounding areas.